{my Indie Biz 3.0 work folder}

I’ve signed up for Indie Biz 3.0, and it started Monday! Learning is something I hold so close to my heart. *remember that my sewing machine and I became BFFs by reading // learning how to sew via library books?* I try really hard every day to learn something new — even if it’s something small. One reason I signed up for this class is because two of my friends are teaching it AND I know I can learn so much from them. I have met//seen Lisa at multiple conferences and she’s one of my “real life” friends, and Leigh Ann and I have brainstormed via the telephono a couple of times. {I’m excited to get to know Jill, the third teacher.}

Our first project was to create our work folder. There’s a 30+ page packet for the 6-week course and that will be housed in our work folder. Leigh Ann designed the project and even though it’s a replicate of hers, it was still super fun to make my own. I did a few things differently with mine, but overall it’s proof that following directions is still fun ♥.

The left side of the binder is a pocket I made ~

Class just started and already it’s full of material ~

Sewwwwww excited for this class!

PS. If you want to be a part of the class there’s still time to sign up! Click here to register ($90USD)

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    I love your folders & organizers you make!
    You made me smile in the post. I just got a book from the library on fashion illustration & as I’m working on it I found myself saying “who am i kidding? I’ve never been
    good at drawing” but look what you did with a library book ;)

  2. 10


    Oh your INDIE 3.0 notebook is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
    Love it!
    I’ve got to get mine finished!
    We are in class together!
    Hugs and HAPPY WEEKEND!
    Oh! Featuring GUSSY again in one of my CRAZY videos today! ;o)

  3. 13


    Really cute binder. Reminds me of shopping for school supplies. Love doing that! I keep going back and forth about joining. I think it would be great for personal growth as well as business growth. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 15


    I joined two days ago and can’t wait to start on the projects this weekend! I feel behind, but something tells me that I will catch up quickly and that I will have fun doing it! I absolutely admire all of these people (including Gussy) that I have found through this new world (to me, at least) of blogging and business!

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    My friend recommended your blog awhile ago and b/c of it I joined Indie 3.0 after seeing your post about it! Just have to THANK YOU so much…I have completely LOVED it! Also found out about Creative Connection for the first time through you and am totally thrilled to go!

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