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If you’re not already, sign yourself up for Etsy’s email newsletters. They have about 9 to choose from that range from shopping/new listed items to business tips/how to quit your day job. Even though I don’t sell on Etsy I receive a few each week and they’re fab. I’ve been saving some of my favorite articles for you and so here are, in no particular order…

Creative Marketing ~
1. Are you ready for marketing?

2. Creative ways to promote your shop

3. A creative way to promote your shop

Connecting with buyers ~
4. What buyers are learning from your profile page

5. Huge list of ways to help promote and advertise your shop + marketing tips

Beating creative burnout ~
6. 9 tips to be more creative

7. Fearless creativity

Also from Etsy email newsletters I found these videos. I love them both and am so inspired by them. I too have a home studio and so I love to see how others embed it into their life, and then the second video is on reupholstering furniture, which is such an amazing trade. Enjoy them both ♥ ~

How has Etsy inspired you?

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  1. 1


    etsy is such a great thing. a place where you can just glance at the home page and feel inspired, a place where the handmade community is always there for you.
    look at me talking like i’m some sort of handmade seller, haha! ;)

  2. 2


    Have I told you lately how INSPIRED I am when I pop over here in the GUSSY~SEWS world!
    Thank you for that!
    Thank you for sharing resources that ENCOURAGE others who DREAM of opening and succeeding with an online business.
    Sharing what you have learned is such a GIFT ….thank you.
    Thank you for your generosity…I adore you for this!
    It’s so obvious you want others to SUCCEED…just like YOU~
    It speaks volumes about WHO you are as a PERSON…in your HEART…which is exactly WHY the Gussy products GLOW and SHINE!
    They have your SWEET~SASSY style and HEART behind them!
    I’m so HAPPY Gussy is such a HUGE success!
    It couldn’t happened to a more precious person.
    Thanks for inspiring me Maggie!
    Even with the huge age difference between us…you are one of my dearest~sweetest INSPIRATIONS and friends!
    Doogan and I truly do adore YOU and Bauer!
    Sending you ooooooodles of LOVE from Bainbridge!
    I’m buying my sewing machines this week from Esther’s Fabric Store here on Bainbridge!
    It’s a whole new beginning for me!
    Again….thanks for the INSPIRATION!
    What a GIFT you are!

  3. 4


    I just set up my etsy shop. I’m now in the process of listing things and I just want you to know, all of these articles that you share and all your posts about starting a business are SO helpful! I have definitely referenced your blog multiple times as I’ve tried to figure out what I’m doing :) I would love to make this a full-time job, so I’m trying to figure it all out slowly but surely! I would love to pick your brain about sales tax and just taxes in general. When you decided to start an esty shop, did you go to an accountant before you got started? Or did you wait to figure out if it was all going to fly before you sat down with an accountant? I definitely want to do things the right way, I just know that sitting down with an accountant now will increase my startup cost, before I know for sure if my etsy shop will be a hit! Any advice is much appreciated :)

    P.S. My husband and I are huge Dave Ramsey fans. In our discussions about my etsy shop I’ll say things like, “well, Gussy said this was the best way to do it” or “Gussy thinks that you should start with Etsy and then move on to Big Cartel”, etc. He was always wondering who this “Gussy gal” was and then I showed him your blog and told him that you and your husband are being DR fans. Now he’s all, “well, what did Gussy say about that” when I ask him a question about the shop. Hehe!

  4. 7

    Tiffany A. Nelson says

    I read several if not all of these and I can’t stop thinking about the wealth of information in them. Wonderful post! I truly enjoyed the links. Thank you for putting it all in one place.

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