{how-to: Tips on photographing your beautiful products}

This is such a fun, encouraging post for me to write because the topic is something that will help a handmade business *almost* instantly — yeow! I’m taking about product photography ~ great photos are pretty easy to achieve and can do wonders for your handmade business. Running an online shop is an exceptionally convenient way to sell your wares as it’s always “open”, your website can work for you, and it’s effortless for others to share the link to your store — no longer do visitors need to be local to see your wares.

Below are 5 tips to consider as you prepare to photograph your products. Grab a cup of tea and read on!

Tip #1: Show your product in-use

Capture your audience by helping them envision your product on them. It’s amazing how easily this helps upgrade them to “customer” status {yeow!}. When you photograph your products in-use you add a layer of personalization. You also show them a realistic size of your product. Customers can’t hold your products – they can only see them. Be sure you answer any potential questions they may have through product photos. I {heart} this two-toned floral headband below ~ this is a great example of showing your product in-use.

Two Toned Floral – Elastic Headband

Tip #2: Get up close & personal

When you sell your wares online, customers heavily rely on your photographs and descriptions to help them decide if they’ll make a purchase. Give them the peek-a-boo they want by using the macro setting on your camera, or by cropping your photo for a crisp, tight view of the product. It’s all about the details, baby! If you’re working with fabric, customers want to see the thread’s texture. If you’re making jewelry, give them detail pics. And if you’re baking, well… they need to be drooling! ;]

linen ruffle necklace in forest green. antique bronze chain.

Tip #3: Let your product do the work

Some times products are just so darn cute that they don’t need anything next to them. Keep it simple in at least one photo by focusing solely on your product. Orange Thyme does a great job using depth-of-field to keep the focus on their lip shimmer ~ certainly makes me want to buy a few tubes!

Lip Shimmer- Pixi

Tip #4: Show your product in it’s element

This one ties in well with tip #1: show your product in-use. When I look at the below photo I can’t help but see myself sitting in that well-lit room with that big mug of tea that’s enveloped by a darling [knit] mug cozy. Some times showing your product “in-use” means showing it it’s it’s element.. Don’t be afraid to set the stage for how your product is to be used or worn.

Cuppa Tea Love Mug Cozy

Tip #5: Use natural lighting

I know I’m not alone when I say that if the below photo was shot using poor, yucky, overhead lighting, the Macarons wouldn’t look tasty. Not. at. all. Take some time to watch the way the sun comes into your home or studio during the day. This is something I struggle with every time we move. I get so frustrated because I can’t find “the spot” any more ~ the spot where the sun is slightly diffused and the shadows are gone and my photos look amazing. With our most-recent move I tried half a dozen times to figure this out. But, it was so worth it. Natural lighting is a MUST when shooting. A necessity. Take a minute to think about your favorite photos or websites. What is the lighting like? Find inspiration in these photos and turn your feelings into positive energy to apply this to your own product photos.

48 Assorted Regular French Macarons

Share with us: which tip do you need to use more // which tip is your favorite {the one you use most often} ?

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{What I Wore Wednesday – #9}

Hi friends ~ I’m linking up with Lindsey today for another week of WIWW. I have a couple of new shirts to show you — all from Target of course ;] Also… all of the clothes you see in this post are from Target. How crazy is that? Am I weird?! Never mind that question *wink*. Since we don’t have a car, Target is my favorite place to visit when I take the bus downtown. PS. Bauer shows up in a few pics below ~ naughty pup won’t even look at me while I try to kiss him.

Share with us: What about spring makes you the most excited?
[I like that I can go for walks with Bauer wearing just 1 layer of clothing.]

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