{sending & receiving snail mail}

update: it looks like nearly 28,573 of you have written me, so i’m sad to say i won’t be able to reply back to every letter like i initially hoped/promised. if you still want to write me, i’d love to receive your words :]

letter writing is so fun — to send & receive!
if you send me a note, i’ll send you back ♥
unless, of course, 28,573 of you write me.
then i will just sit here and enjoy all my pretty mail ;]

write me?

gussy sews
po box 300544
minneapolis, mn 55403

*be sure and include a return address.

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  1. 5

    Danielle J. says

    Does mail make you giddy? I LOVE getting mail……If it isn’t an ad or bill….!!

  2. 7


    People still DO that? ;)

    I was the girl who, at 12, had half a trillion pen pals. There was a time when the mailman brought several letters each day and it was a cause for intense depression if the mailbox didn’t contain anything with my name on the label. Now? Well, hello blogging.

    {But I’m thinking it’s time to put together a box of prezzies for the Gus.}

  3. 10

    Corrie says

    I LOVE getting snail mail as long as it’s not asking for money in return!!! I’ll definitely have to drop you a note!

  4. 13


    you are soo cute!! i will write you one day, promise! i just wish my handwriting weren’t so horrible~!! maybe if i wrote you 28,573 letters it would improve?? that would be my hope anyways! ;)

  5. 14

    Annette @ Designs By A Rose says

    You always have the cutest ideas! Sending myself an email so I can remember to write you a note. :)

  6. 19


    You’re gonna get writer’s cramp!! This type of project is alot of fun. I do Postcard Projects from time to time where I send postcards to my blog readers.

    I love the typewriter and I love snail mail. Electronic communication cannot compare to a good, old-fashioned hand written letter.

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. 20

    Marcy says

    I LOVE mail!! And this year we just moved and didn’t get 1/4 of the Christmas cards we normally get so I would LOVE mail from you!!! ;) SUPER CUTE idea!

  8. 23


    What a fun idea! Real letter writing is becoming a lost art. So sad because t’s such a thing of beauty. My grandmother used to write me letters all the time. Sometimes I wondered why she didn’t pick up the phone and just call me. Now that she’s not with us anymore I cherish those letters. They are a piece of her I keep with me. Wow. That took me down memory lane. Thanks.

  9. 24


    How fun.
    I would love to be pen pals.
    Snail mail is THE best during deployments.
    With one headed our way soon, I would love to write you a letter every now and then.

  10. 27


    I loooooooooove snail mail. Even correspondence to friends that I see on a weekly basis is sent through the mail. It’s so quaint and it definitely means a lot!

  11. 31

    Tiffany says

    I enjoyed reading your story Angie. I agree with you on so many points about being your own biggest critic, same here! I used to scrapbook as well and feel like now I get to be even more creative. Good Luck with your store and the necklace with the 5 beads is my fav.


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