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I’m a super organized gal so I’ve been looking forward to a fresh start with the New Year :] My file folders and larger storage containers are F U L L and I’m excited for a clean start to my work flow process.

I’m here to share some tips on how to organize your work flow. It’s super important that it works well for you because it will help you keep your business running smoothly, so please feel free to tweak my tips. There have been a few times where things slipped under the radar and I have vowed to never let that happen again. It’s just not good business practice *wink*

I’m also a very visual person, so this work flow plan helps me with that, too. {I like to see things organized and also get a good feel for how much what I have sitting in front of me.}


5 tips for organizing your work flow ~

    1. Create folders to track the process of a sale. You receive an sale — print it out and put it in a folder titled Orders Received. When you’re ready to work on it, move it to a folder called Gussy’s Work. When it’s complete, put it in a folder called Ready-to-Print. When postage has printed move it to Ready-to-Ship.
    2. Use gmail to organize your emails. Anything that sits in your main “Inbox” folder is something that needs to be addressed. If it is urgent, star it. If it’s been answered, archive it. It’s so easy to see what needs to be replied to.
    3. If you’re going to buy materials on a small-quantity basis, I suggest knowing how much product you can make with the quantity you’ve ordered. Each week review what you have in stock and decide if you need to re-order. *This method will help you to stay debt-free and a cash-only business.
    4. If you accept Custom orders or Wholesale orders, create a separate folder for each. When you sell a CO or WO, place a copy of the invoice {with the order details} in that folder. It will be easier to organize your time to complete this order if you have them organized/in clear sight.
    5. Print an extra invoice when you have a sale and place it in a monthly folder. At the end of the month {or each week, even} review how many orders you sold. Review this info by week, too, so you can match the info to a giveaway or sale you hosted. It’s also great to have this information so you can look back a year later and see your growth :] I personally love this part of the work flow process.

*Want even more tips on work flow // budgeting? Read my budgeting series here: part 1, 2, 3 and 4 or check out my blog/biz 411 posts.

Work flow can be constant change: as the business grows the work flow may need to change. I love this challenge though because it means good things are happening. I like to get to the root of the task to help me see that it’s worth it, because let’s be honest, this part of the biz isn’t always fun.

Organization, budgeting and goal-setting are three things I don’t neglect. A few hours each week is all it takes to stay in control.


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    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m really looking forward to reading through your blog/biz 411 stuff too. So helpful for those of us starting out. Thank you again!

  2. 3


    My favorite posts are your organization posts and I always look forward to them and book mark ’em! Thank you so much gus:) I am printing this one out as I am in dire need of getting my filing system in order and did not know where to start. This will help me a great deal;)

  3. 4


    Can you come to my house? I write everything down. For one thing we have had like 3 printers and the kids break them. It has been over a year since we have had one. It may be time for a new one. All my packages are hand written so this has become a little crazy since my I have more than doubled my orders since last year. I do like to write though:)

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    thanks for the great tips — I’m reorganizing my home office this week with the hub’s help!! :) I’m definitely heading to office max for some folders!

  5. 8


    thanks for sharing Gussy! my biggest issue is paperwork & files. it all just piles up on my desk until i can’t find anything. i need a system. thanks for the tips! huge help!

  6. 9


    i looooove the idea of folders~!! that’s def a great way to keep organized! right now, i don’t have too many sales that i can’t keep track but if my shop ever picks up, that’s a great idea!!! of course, i don’t really have a good idea of how much money i spend or make.. which prob isn’t good~!!


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