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It’s an uber chilly morning here — currently -5* outside {thumbs down}. Bauer and I are staying cozy warm inside, though! I’m about to make some hot chocolate and get to work finishing up a final batch of nine Gussy Christmas stockings and tote bags/laptop bags. We need groceries, but since over 2′ of snow fell over the weekend, and the car isn’t quite dug out yet in our drive way {can you tell driving isn’t a priority here?!}, that will have to wait. Unless I order them online… Sounds tempting ;]

This week we’ll finish all Gussy orders and get them in the mail by Friday. Then we’re off to celebrate Christmas with our families — Bauer, too ♥ When we return, I’m going to start on the new tote & laptop bags. You will love them!!!

* If you’re going to be in Grand Rapids, MI area on Dec. 23, come meet up with us! xoxoxo

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Share with us: What’s the temp where you live {share the city/state?} and what are you doing today?

PS. Bauer is only 18 lbs — lol. He is 2x the size he was when we adopted him 2 months ago ;]

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    It is 23 degrees here in Atlanta and threatening to snow, though nothing is sticking at the moment but there is WIND! And it sounds WINDYYYYYY!

    I am staying inside, putting up today’s happy picture on my blog (every Monday!) and then *hopefully* continuing to sew a little dress I’m making for Olivia. I’m trying to get it done before this weekend since we’re leaving for St. Louis to visit my family for the holidays!

    Soooo excited for that!!

    There’s coffee with white chocolate macadamia nut creamer involved, too. And perhaps cookies.

  2. 2

    Carol says

    It’s about 50 degrees here in the Seattle area … and a chance of showers! Enjoying my morning coffee (no chocolate macadamia nut creamer involved, just black Starbucks coffee! We have a Christmas party this evening and we’re supposed to turn a pringles can into a fabulous something for a gift. We’ve decided to make it into a Kaleidoscope! I’ve never done this, but I found a few how-to’s on the internet. Hopefully, it turns out!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. 3


    It’s currently a sunny 20* in Warsaw {IN}, but we’ve got a windchill of 7*. I’m praying my hubby doesn’t freeze today!! (He’s a cable guy and gets to work outside in this cold weather.)

  4. 4


    Holy cow…what are you feeding that dog….he is getting so BIG!! It’s 17* here in GR…brrrr. Heading to the PO to ship out orders from the weekend, then heading back home to sew!

  5. 5


    It’s about 10 degrees here in Chicago, and I’m under the covers with the space heater on! Too cold! Hope you’re staying warm, and Bauer has gotten SO BIG!!!!

  6. 6


    Its about 37 in Fort Worth this morning… pretty cold for Tejas :) I’m working on papers and finishing up grad school things.. its about time!!!

    Hope you’re having a great morning & staying *warm*


  7. 7


    It’s in the upper 40’s here in Connecticut – a crazy warm temp for December! It made running errands this morning so much more pleasant, but now I am home so it can get cold and snowy any time :)

  8. 8


    It is 35 and super windy here in South Georgia. This is actually very chilly for us for this time of year. Normally It’s in the 50’s. I am trying to work on my christmas cards, decorate my tree, and chase my 21 month old. Good times!

  9. 10


    Sounds like a wonderful day!!

    It’s 30 here in Virginia and we woke up to a beautiful white blanket of snow with huge flakes still falling. LOVE IT! It’s my hub’s day off work so we are going to Panera for lunch, and then to the fabric store and Michael’s crafts because he loves me oh so much!! :):)

  10. 12

    Sydney S says

    I think we finally hit 9 or 10 degrees just outside of Chicago here…..not sure what our wind chill is but it’s not very friendly outside, lol.

  11. 13


    It’s 81* in San Diego right now. Not exactly the type of weather I want with less than 2 weeks to Christmas. And it doesn’t help motivate me to study for finals and write papers but I really shouldn’t complain. Bauer is too cute!

  12. 14

    Diana says

    It is cold here in Petoskey too! We got about a foot of snow over the weekend! Tis the season I guess. I am bummed that we will not be around Grand Rapids around the 23rd but if you are in the Petoskey area it would be so fun to meet the infamous Gussy! Happy sewing!

  13. 17

    Nicole says

    It’s a whopping 18 degrees here in Wyoming, MI! I wish we had some of your snow. Right how we only have a couple inches. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a white Christmas.

  14. 18


    It’s a balmy 17* here in Western North Carolina, but with the wind chill feels like about 7*! I’m enjoying a snow day with my kiddos :)

  15. 19


    gussy he is such a big adorable fluff baby! :) i love him. i bet him and polo would be friends! :) I took today off because I just needed some me time. Dave is at work so it has been me and polo all day long. It has been magnificent. There were snowflakes fluttering about this morning so we frolicked a bit out in the yard and I took some pictures. I went to the grocery store this afternoon and then came home and made cookies. After folding laundry, I am now sitting down to sew some before starting dinner. I thought of you all day because this must be how glorious your days are…:)

    hugs to you [my inspiration],

  16. 20


    54 degrees in the Houston, TX area. Much better than the high 70s we had this past Saturday. Such up and down. About to stop procrastinating and go brush my hair so I can take my son to speech.

  17. 22

    Virginia says

    Ooh, I’m bummed! I’ll be in Holland at a family party. Hmmm….maybe I can sneak away for an hour! =)
    It’s cold and icy in Muskegon, MI. Worked today ~ awesome staff meeting with a fantastic group of people.

  18. 25


    It’s 78 degrees and sunny here in Kailua, Hawaii. However, I am excited to enjoy the cold weather while I’m in Illinois next week! (I’m crossing my fingers for snow at least one day!)

  19. 26

    Jane says

    Just found your site – love it! I am in Sydney Australia so it was about 27C today so that is about 80F – so all in all a good day! School summer/Christmas holidays here now too so a fun day at home with the kids. Do you ship internationally? Cheers Jane

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