{etsy finds :: sewing machine fun}

1. seamstress necklace 2. sewing machine handmade stamp 3. perfect little sewing machine 4. hand carved miniature sewing machine 5. yellow play time sewing machine 6. sewing daydream fine art photo 7. little crafter necklace 8. sewing desk 2011 calendar 9. miniature vintage sewing machine wall art

Any of these items could make it into my stocking for Christmas and I’d be happy! :] Aren’t they so fun?!

Happy Saturday ♥

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    Thank you for this!! Sending that first necklace to my husband as a hint of what to “surprise” me with! :-) Love your blog!!

  2. 4


    oooh… i need to take a photograph of mine for you! my “normal” machine died a couple of weeks ago and a lady at my parent’s church heard and gave me her husband’s mothers… it’s soooooooo old!! it’s way awesome though. I need to hurry up and clean it up and service it so I can use it (currently using my mom’s and I’m sure she wants it back soon…haha)


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