{a cozy morning at home}

We’re having another cozy morning at the house :] Last night the weatherman predicted about 10″ of snow, and I’d say we got a lot more than that. It’s pretty and everywhere!!!!!!! I’m so thankful our landlord lives next door and he plows for us. He even does a loop in the backyard, never mind that it’s so he can turn around, I say it’s so Bauer doesn’t get lost in the fluff.

The snow is so deep outside that I had snow in my boots when I took Bauer out — brrrrr! It’s the perfect day for sewing and snuggles and warm meals, though :]

Yesterday the mailman took 3 mail boxes {filled to the brim} of GUSSY packages out to his truck. I think we’ve put over 50 packages in the mail so far this month. There are definitely a lot more… pray for me that I’m focused this weekend?

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    gussy! your day sounds perfect! I would welcome snow if I could stay at home and snuggle with Polo all day and sew too! oh and add a pretty lit candle and some hot chocolate or coffee-perfection! :) enjoy luv.

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    my husband and I are making the drive from kansas city to minneapolis for Christmas, and yesterday he told me about aaallllll the snow forecasted! I LOVE MN for Christmas because of all the SNOW! :)

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