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[Please note: The content of this post was taken from an Etsy Success article. Items 1-10 are not my words, however I do agree with them :] To read the original article, please click here.]

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I found this great “list of 10″ and thought each idea was totally fantastic…

It’s the little things in regards to customer service/personalization that often produce many great things. For example, offering a newsletter allows your customers to receive a little VIP treatment: send them special discount codes, fill them in on exciting business updates {think magazine features, radio interviews, etc.}

I’m often told that 20% of your customers create 80% of your sales. Imagine the impact a newsletter could have on your business…

On a side note: I’m a big believer in making the handmade shopping experience fun. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money in doing that — really :] I’ll be doing a post soon on fun packaging ideas, even some secrets to what I use!

Once you’ve read through the list of 10 below, leave a comment with your ideas / experiences / tips?


10 ways to make the most out of every sale ~

1. Send a freebie along with each order. Make sure it’s something that people would want. Perhaps a scaled down version of another product or a sustainable marketing item like a magnet, etc. A thank you card goes a long way as well.

2. Invite customers to join your mailing list. (I’ve been using the PayPal Customer Service option, and I’ve added about 20 people since I started it. To do this, log into PayPal and go to: My Account/Profile/Selling Preferences/Custom Payment Pages/Option tab –> scroll down to see mailing list option.)

3. Send a coupon for their next purchase. You can do this by getting cheap biz cards printed as coupons or just put a label or paper coupon in the package. I often use labels because it allows me to customize my marketing materials. Most of the coupons I get from other sellers offer 5-10% off. I offer 15% off an order of $50 or more. Remember, not everyone will use their coupon, so there’s no need to stress about what you offer. Send more than 1 coupon to encourage sharing and/or offer a referral discount. I offer my customers 15% off any item of their choice if they refer a new custom to me!

4. Send a brochure with FANTASTIC pictures of other products you sell. Perhaps offer a discount or coupon as part of the brochure. Using a brochure or postcard works nicely because people can easily show your products to folks who aren’t online… co-workers in the lunch room, etc. You can keep it relative. If a person buys Lavender Body Butter from you, maybe send a brochure with pics/info on your other lavender products.

5. Invite your customer to a future secret sale — not too far in the future, say 2-3 weeks max AND/OR unveil a secret product and offer it early to your existing custom base.

6. Send along your Twitter and Facebook links, either on a card or via a convo/email when notifying about shipping.

7. If you have a significant customer base, send out a customer service/product survey and offer a nice coupon for customers that complete it.

8. Send samples of a new product and ask for feedback. This can be a great way to try out a new scent/flavor/color of something.

9. Offer an instant entry into a giveaway for their purchase. Advertise this in your shop announcement and be sure to give all details including if it’s open to ALL customers regardless of location and what the opening and closing dates are for the draw. You could set up a giveaway each month for something small and automatically enter your customer in it when they purchase. Be sure to have a way that non-customers can enter as well.

10. Network with other Etsy sellers who sell complimentary products to yours, not direct competition. Offer to trade freebies for each seller’s customers. The more ties a customer has to Etsy, the more likely they are to buy from you again!

[Please note: The content of this post was taken from an Etsy Success article. Items 1-10 are not my words, however I do agree with them :] To read the original article, please click here.]

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Helpful links:

      * business cards or discount code cards: shop


      * want to generate a newsletter? consider using


      * use


    to poll your customers/blog readers {get a Pro account to ask more than 10 questions}

What do you think? Share with us with your ideas / experiences / tips below.

PS. The winner of the Red Letter Words giveaway is Rachael @ savor ~ email me, Rachael :]


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  1. 1


    i’ve been considering a newsletter, thanks for mentioning that link!

    i send a business card with each item purchased. that doesn’t just mean a business card in the envelope, but for EACH item. that way they have more to hand out if they are giving gifts OR more to hand out if they get compliments on their headband, etc. it’s worked well and get in my “message to seller” box lots of “so & so gave me your card” or “so & so showed me your shop and handed off your business card.”

    easy peasy!

  2. 3


    THANK YOU! I actually have opening an Etsy store on my November list of goals. I have wanted to do it, finally have the confidence but am still a little intimidated. You just gave me a smidge more confidence. :) Thank you!

    • 4


      that’s so exciting! once you know your brand and have a few things with that figured out, you should just GO FOR IT! the more you wait the more you’ll regret not doing this… :]

  3. 5


    As someone that buys handmade things quite a bit, I love these ideas! I’m definitely more likely to buy again from someone with cute packaging, a handwritten note, coupon codes, etc. I like to buy handmade because the process can be so much fun and unique!

  4. 6


    It depends on what the item is, but I will wrap in tissue paper with a cute trim (from all my scrapbook supplies) tied around it. I will slip a business card under the bow. I have little scrapbook postcard things that my daughter stamped little owls on the corner and I write a thank you:) I have been told how much the little thank you is appreciated. If they order a big huge owl I tuck the card and business card in the wing. I love it there:)

  5. 7


    Like Kim, I also include an extra business card or two in my packages, and I always send a handwritten note. The note doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, I just found a box of thank-you notes at Target that happen to be in the same colors as my blog! I hadn’t thought about offering a coupon code though – that’s a really good idea! Thanks Gus Gus!

  6. 8


    i’ve been considering a newsletter and you’ve given me the push i need! i often include discount coupons but i’m not very consistent. i always do a handwritten thank you note – soon i’ll be working on some custom thank you cards that match my logo…..so much to do but it’s worth it!!

  7. 9


    I like the business cards – I have a little stack of them on my desk for sellers that I bought xmas presents from.

    And, as a customer, I highly recommend Twitter/Facebook. I use Twitter far more because it’s easy to browse on my phone while I’m watching the baby or nursing. So announcing things via Twitter is really helpful to staying “front and center.”

    I really love the “little something extra” – when I was pregnant with Olivia, I ordered a little 3mo jumper from a woman on Etsy and she sent matching booties with the order along with a “Congrats on your Pregnancy!” She’s definitely bookmarked for future purchases!

  8. 10


    awesome tips! i have been thinking about a newsletter, as well! i have also been trying to think of a fun free gift to add to my customer’s purchase, because i LOVE it when sellers include a little extra something in my package. such a fun idea!

  9. 11


    Thank you so much for this list! I have been thinking about and dreaming about starting my own shop soon. I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind when I do decide to make the plunge! :)

  10. 13


    thanks for sharing! so helpful:) i love receiving packages of items in the mail-and what makes the package even better is when it is personalized and you can tell that somebody took a lot of time to wrap the item. Emmy at Much Ado About You did an amazing job at this. The entire package was wrapped with care, personalized with a note, and the label on the front of the envelope even matched. I even saved the envelope for days:)


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