{2 new Gussy stockings + fun photo shoot pics}

This giveaway is now closed.

The other day I had a little photo shoot with some new Gussy stockings. I had Christmas decorations everywhere and somehow managed to break an ornament :[ Bummer! It was a glittery bulb, so naturally there is glitter that the broom couldn’t pick up. I noticed Bauer sportin’ some glitter — kinda glad Zack hasn’t noticed!

Inside the shop you’ll find red plaid and citrus polka-dot as two new options. They are so rad.

I had to stand on a chair {obviously, I’m soooo short!} to take these photos. I love the angle a chair provides, though! :] In a few weeks, when our stockings are full, I’m totally standing on a chair to peek. Hah!

One day when we have a few kiddies our mantle will look like this:

Stockings 1a, 2a and 3a are the original prints. To help with larger orders, I’ve added the flip {switched the fabric above & below the ruffle} of what you see in the first photo and now you have the option of 1b, 2b and 3b {second photo}.

PLUS red plaid and citrus polka-dot {ruffles are optional on these two}.

How to order:

    – Visit my shop and add to your shopping cart which quantity of stockings you want {choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 6 stockings}
    – If you order 1 stocking you can pick your print and then add that to your shopping cart
    – If you order 2-6 stockings, please specify at the Paypal “message to seller” section which prints you’d like

It’s sooo easy!

PS. Stockings take about 2 weeks to sew/ship, so please order early…

I caught some sun flair ~ so magical:

With the prints flipped there are now 8 different stocking combinations. Want to see all the photos? Click here to see my flickr page.

Ruffles! I heart them.

*Don’t want a ruffle? Say so at checkout! :]

I’m stillllll working on a studio tour + organizational tips post. I know, I’m taking forever to write this…

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SURPRISE GIVEAWAY — let’s give a stocking away! Please leave a comment below sharing which stocking print you’d like to order. You’ll have to visit my shop for the print names though ;]

Giveaway ends… soon!

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  1. 126


    Every time you put pictures of these stocking, I’m very happy that you came up with this idea! I just love them since your Holoiday Gift Guide 1 when you first revealed the picture :)

  2. 130

    Cait says

    I saw your link thanks to P-dub on twitter. 3a makes my skirt fly up! (now there’s absolutely no question that I’m a P-dub fan!!)

    These are great and I’ll try to order one just as soon as I figure out who needs a stocking.

  3. 140

    April in CT says

    The ruffle, it just kills me, so cute!! Hard to choose… I think the 2b (reverse of blue plaid with gold citrus accents) is my favorite though.

  4. 145

    Amy C says

    Purple plaid with green accents — purple and mauve print at the top of the stocking with a green polka-dot ruffle.


  5. 151


    the purple plaid with green accents is my favorite! what a fabulous combination – it would look perfect with my decorations (and would make opening those stocking stuffers even more fun on Christmas morning!)

  6. 153

    Shanna says

    Purple plaid with green accents — purple and mauve print at the top of the stocking with a green polka-dot ruffle

    Love the color combo of that one! But also like the red gingham too..

  7. 155

    Kirsten says

    2a (blue plaid with stripes on the top) was love at first sight! I wish I could afford one of these <3 <3 <3 but for now I'll content myself with daydreaming…

  8. 157

    Jill says

    Adorable stockings!

    Purple plaid with green accents — purple and mauve print at the top of the stocking with a green polka-dot ruffle.

  9. 158

    Melissa says

    3b! (The reverse of 3a)
    Everyone in our family has a totally different stocking and I would love to introduce a ruffled lovely up on our mantle!

  10. 160

    Andrea says

    I have 2 favorites ; ) I love the red plaid with the red ruffle and and 1b (with the purple and mauve print at the bottom)….great work, as always!

  11. 161

    Angela:o) says

    My fav is the purple plaid with green accents! It’s
    A new twist on my fav preppy colors (pink and green) and a fun way to cheer up the traditional holiday colors (red and green). This would be so precious in my new Virginia apartment!! Love it!

  12. 173


    I would have to say that my first pick would be 1b, the reverse of 1a. I love purple and green and that one just jumps at me! Your handiwork is beautiful, and I am hoping that one day in the near future, my budget will allow me go through your shop to buy something, unlike the many times I have already visited it, “just to look.”

    Anyway, thanks for doing the giveaway (even if I don’t win :)) I really enjoy following your blog!


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