{10 fun + economical packaging ideas}

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This list of 10 is great if you have an handmade shop —

or if you just love to look at all things stationary. Ahem ;]

I would make a list of 50 packaging ideas if I could, but c’mon… No need to get crazy.

In my opinion, one of the main “things” with packaging is keeping it consistent with your brand. For Gussy, I like to keep it simple so that I can change things easily without disrupting everything. For example, my main branding elements are a specific shade of pink {love my #ff_ _ _ _ number!} and my “Gussy” font.

Having different packaging elements that are consistent with my brand helps me to try new things without taking 90-degree turns with each new idea.

Above is a pic of my Gussy stickers. I use them when packaging products and sometimes on the outside box {near the shipping label}. Since compiling this post, I’m really interested in decorative packaging tape. I love nearly ALL the items from this shop ~ Kawaii Things, especially this 7mm masking tape:

I could easily pick out a roll of pink tape and sign Gussy over top, then stick it on the box of each order. See? How cute of an idea is that? :]

Tips on designing your brand/style —

    * What are YOU interested in? — whatever this is, it’s easier to keep up with a style if YOU like it
    * Are there a few colors or intensities that resonate well with your product? — I think if I choose brown as my base “Gussy” color that would be just weird. You agree, right?
    * Does your branding idea[s] make sense when compared to your product?
    * Design a logo that is unique and resonates well with your product — It should be catchy, but informative; don’t pack too much info into a small space
    * Create a memorable tagline
    * Is your brand timeless?


Back to the post title:
{10 fun + economical packaging ideas}

1. Japanese Masking Tape, set of 3 ~

2. Pretty floral lace rubber stamp, set of 3 ~

3. Pretty Colorful Basic Pattern – Masking Sticker Set, 27 Sheets ~

4. Red and white eco-luxe baker’s twine ~

5. Personalized stationary ~

6. Personalized round gift stickers ~

7. Paper-y bags, containers and stickers {blank canvases you can decorate!} ~

8. Mini blank gift tags, set of 25 ~

9. Mr. Elephant peel & stick tags, set of 36 ~

10. Cardboard boxes, shipping materials, etc. ~

Uline.com offers:

    * crinkle paper
    * tissue paper
    * retail bags
    * boxes
    * bubble mailers
    * labels

OK, so I couldn’t just stop at 10 ;]

11. Pretty textured earring boxes, set of 12 ~

12. Cotton fabric deco tape, set of 4 ~

13. Watchband links gift tags, set of 10 ~

14. 100 organza bags, 3″x4″ ~

15. Traditional sweet shop paper bags, set of 100 ~


OK ~ I am so inspired now to purchase and use some of these packing ideas.

These 3 items are probably my favorite from my list — I LOVE the striped paper bags {I can’t stop thinking about them, how CUTE with my little zipped Gussy pouches be inside one of these bags?!}, the floral masking tape {soooooo pretty for decorating the outside of the box or signing my name on top of each strip on the invoice}, and the lace stamps {would be cute stamped on an invoice or thank-you card}.

Tip: For my products, I currently use:

    * Uline clear bags
    * pretty ribbon to tie up the bags
    * custom Gussy stickers from Holly Days
    * Uline boxes & bubble mailers

Share with us >> Do you have a favorite item shown above? How about a favorite item not shown above?


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  1. 1


    i love the fun pop of color that baker’s twine adds! that’s my favorite :)

    i usually use fabric scrap strips as a ribbon on my product wrapped in tan tissue paper. i’m still trying to tweak my packaging for my headbands because wrapping them is awkward and an odd shape. i’m thinking one of those paper bags would be fun.

    you’ve got my brain thinking!

  2. 2


    A friend and I were just talking last night about fun packaging ideas for our shops. I love some of the ideas you listed! I really like the decorative tape.

  3. 3


    I looove cute packaging, whether it’s items for the shop or gifts for other people! Currently my Petunia Blooms packaging involves cello bags, baby pink & green tissue paper and green ribbon. I attach a handmade tag with a little not from me, too. :)

  4. 5


    a little rafia and ribbon goes a long way with me, but im still experimenting with different packaging options. one thing i LOVE is the printed tape. I get the stronger packaging tape and use it on all my boxes – Michael’s has lots of different designs in their $1 section.

  5. 10


    I love this post :) just added lots of things to my etsy favorites haha. Lately I’ve gotten into japanese washi tape, bakers twine and kraft paper. I’ll have a tutorial on my blog within the weekend of cards made with washi tape and kraft paper. Love to have you check them out!

  6. 12


    Swinging on by to say thanks for the Garnish shout out. Packaging just makes us giddy and glad to see we’re not the only ones!

    Garnish + Enjoy,

    – Suzanne

  7. 14


    I’ve ordered several things recently that came wrapped in pretty tissue paper with that bright colored bakers twine and they are SO FUN to open. I also really really love small, personal touches from handmade shops – the plain manila bubble mailer my Little Alouette teether came in had hearts drawn on it by the owner. Loved that!

  8. 17



    i just found your blog – WHERE have i been?

    loved this post & I LOVED your post about big cartel vs. etsy. i am a baby beginner etsy girl. one day maybe i’ll make the switch, but that post was full of great information!

    thank you!
    my etsy: bagfullofposies.etsy.com

    have a super weekend.

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