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Yesterday, after I finished my radio interview for Gussy {whaaat?! I know, so crazy :] I’ll post the podcast soon!}, we headed to a pet adoption event hosted at a local pet store. We met Bauer, fell in love with him, and were able to bring him home with us!!!

Pet adoption, from what we’ve experienced, doesn’t usually happen that fast. There’s a little bit of paperwork and reference checking, so it is supposed to take a few days. But, we really wanted to have an entire weekend with our new puppy, so bringing Bauer home with us was so perfect :]

Bauer is a 12-week-old Australian Cattle Dog with a mix of Terrier — and he’s precious! He weighs about 8 lbs. — awwww! He was with his two brothers when we first met him. And yes, I did think about asking Zack if we could adopt all 3 ;]

Bauer has the best personality. He loves to play, slide around on the wood floors, and go for walks. But he also is a little cuddler. He’s taken a lot of naps already. We ♥ him!!!

I’m already thinking about Halloween ~ what should we dress him as? If we adopted a girl pup I’d totally put a ruffle on her and call it a costume. And our Christmas card ~ eeek! We’ve had him for less than 24 hours and we already L O V E him. Bauer is the perfect addition to our family :] yayyyy

Welcome to our family, Bauer — we love you bunches! {And your warm paws. And your little tail that wags. And that you let me make videos of you… [see below].}

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    bauer is absolutely precious! I love having a dog too….Hyatt (our boxer) is definitely a family member and we love having him around! So fun! PS thanks a bunch for your wonderful and inspiring about gussy write up, I loved it!

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    Aw, congrats on your new addition! He’s adorable! Is it weird that I get puppy fever almost as bad as baby fever? Even though I already HAVE a dog (and 1.5 babies)?

  3. 6


    It is my personal opinion that terrier mixes are the cutest dogs. :-) I love the little fuzzies around their noses, the turned-down ears and their eyes. Ours is a collie/terrier… solid white, looks like a terrier, has border collie size. He is perfect and has a great personality too.

    You’re going to love Bauer :-)

  4. 11


    Oh my word. He is adorable. (and – the name … fab!) Christmas card photo … I’m thinking a green/white striped tie (well, doesn’t *have* to be green/white stripe …) around his neck (maybe a tie that is normally meant for little boys?) … Maybe Zack could wear a matching/complimentary one? ;)

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    jenbc says

    oh my is he sweeeet!!! how much fun are you going to have with him. congreatualtions on your new addition…now watch your heart sweeeeeeeeeeeellll.

  6. 15

    Saira says

    Congrats! Bauer is ADORABLE!!! Our dog is a terrier mix as well but Chihuahua! haha And we love her as well. She is a perfect fit w/our family as I’m sure Bauer is too! Her one year Anniversary is coming up in January…and we’re planning a little party! haha

  7. 20

    Kirsten says

    awwwwww what a sweetie! *kisses pictures of puppy* luv luv luv the name :-) he’s going to be so much fun, and not just for you guys ~ I predict about 10 million pics of him on here in the next year or so ;-)

  8. 24

    mom whhitley says

    Whitley family, you all are so precious!!! I love you all so much. The big show is over and I am so tired that my eyes have gone fuzzy, but I had to check in on the little family. XOXO

  9. 30


    Congratulations! He’s SO cute! Just when I thought my life was perfect, my husband and I got a pug puppy…and now life is even MORE perfect (though slightly chewed).

  10. 38


    I wish I had known you had a show the other night. And in my area of Seattle nonetheless I’ve just been too busy to check aynthing online these days. I probably was still at work anyway Well, I hope it was a great show!! Hope you are doing well

  11. 39


    [..YouTube..] I just got two words (well 3 lol) for this next episode: OH HELL YEAH!!!! And aww, rest in peace Dana Walsh NOT! Did she hlesntoy think Jack would let her stay alive?! You know I was worried that it would only be another bad ending for Bauer, but this time, once again I use the saying My oh MY, how the tables have turned!’ And the one who killed Renee, Jack gets to torture, and I can hardly wait to see JB kick his ass! JACK BAUER = UNBREAKABLE!

  12. 40


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