{my first letter to Bauer.}

Dear little Bauer,

You came to our house Saturday afternoon. When you went to sleep that night, you snuck a little piece of my heart into your crate. You are such a sweet, 10 lbs puppy. You remember how to sit, you sleep in my lap each afternoon, and you loooooove long walks. You and Zack are the Tough Guys now. And I’m the queen of the house :] I like this!

Today was your first day with me trying to work with a new puppy in the house, and you did well. Thank goodness you find comfort in a ticking clock when I’m not around. Sigh… Just remember that clock doesn’t love you like I do.

Enjoy your nap, little pup. We’ll “chat” soon.


PS. Have you fallen in love with Bauer, too? Follow me on twitter as I provide “pupdates” {puppy updates, right Blair? ♥}

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    Mama Gus says

    Now that our computer is back from the “doctor” I can finally see my new Grand-pup! He is sew adorable!


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