{I can’t get enough of you, my Singer baby.}

Since recently owning a 1916 Singer sewing machine, and since recently blogging about it {more photos to come, I promise!}, and recently locking eyes with it {is that TMI?}, I’ve found online some amazing, gorgeous, “wow” antique sewing machine photos to share.

One of my favorite sites to search for pictures is www.weheartit.com.

There’s so much talent, emotion, and texture in the photos submitted to the site.

I’m so glad it’s around so I can love on every antique sewing machine photo I find… Sometimes I type in a word just to see what it brings up :]


This time I searched “sewing machine” — and look at what I found:

Now, hold yourself… Look at what else I found:

I want them all! :] I want to visit this warehouse and pick them all up and carry them back home.


    I want to know where they came from.
    How long have they been sitting there?
    Why were they abandoned?

I love the thread hanging, the dirt, the rust, the history…

I really think I need to own some more antique sewing machines. And whip out my research skillz and learn more about these machines, just like I did when I was learning how to sew November 2008.


{all photos courtesy of weheartit.com}

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  1. 1


    Oh wow! So lovely!

    I love the one in the window and the one by the lighthouse! Beatiful art! And I would love to hear the stories behind them as well – I’m a sucker for history, even of the not-famous variety!

  2. 2


    What great pictures! I am like you, I want to know why those singers were left and what was being sewn with that thread and now still in the machine. Mystery:)

  3. 3


    Great photos, I have the sewing machine in the 5 photo…that’s my 1959 Singer! I don’t know much about the history of my machine, all I know is that it came with the original sales reciept, in 1959 it cost $465 and it had been barely used! Have a lovely day!


  4. 10


    Those old photos remind me of how my MeMe used to work in a sewing factory for years and my Mom did as well……….Oh how I wish I had taken the time to sit with them and learn everything they knew! But, back then I had no interest in sewing :(

  5. 11

    Alison says

    Over the weekend my mom was finally able to get her mother’s sewing machine (my grandmother lived in a different state when she passed away). I was over at my parents house last night and my mom and I just stood at looked at Grandma’s old sewing machine for the longest time. It brought back so many memories of watching her sew when I was little.

  6. 13


    my grandmother had a drapery shop when i was a kid. in the shop there were about 4 machines and they were always covered in thread and fabric lint. drapery fabric is very dusty/linty stuff. i used to love to hang out in there and play with the drapery hooks. amuse myself by looking through her old notebooks with windows drawn and measurements beside them and thumbing dreamily through the fabric sample books. i still remember the smell in that room. machine oil and cloth.

  7. 14


    Beautiful! The second I saw those pictures of the sewing machines in the factory, I wanted to know what the story behind them was. If only we can take a little peek back into time and see people actually using them!

  8. 15


    Oh my god I know those photos! That’s the Lebow Clothing factory in Baltimore, Maryland! It was a high end shop the opened in the 30s and closed their doors decades ago.

    The building owner and local municipality have been in court for ages over this building. It’s just sitting with LOADS of stuff still in side.

    Google Lebow clothing factory MD – photographers like to sneak in and get lots of great shots.

      • 17


        I literally just thumbed through a book featuring those machines two weeks ago, spotted the Lewbow tag in the photo and knew it was the same shop.

        So glad we connected. Looks like I found your blog for a reason.

  9. 18


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