{a SURPRISE! trip to Chicago.}

Once upon a time, Zack and Maggie hopped in the car and drove from the Twin Cities to the Windy City. Zack drove, Maggie sat next to him and edited photos. And Maggie talked. And Zack nodded and uh-huh’d when necessary. They arrived in Chicago, had a F U N weekend with pals, and partied like it was 1999. {Just kidding, they didn’t party like it was 1999 because they were all 14-years-old in 1999 and have no clue what that even means…}

Zack’s BFF Chase celebrated a birthday a few weeks prior and we had plans to meet Chase and his pretty girlfriend, Allison, in Chicago. On our way in we picked up a college pal, Nick, and together the three of us surprised Chase. Yay! It was so fun to get away and be with friends for the weekend.

And I know this trip meant a lot to Zack, so it was amazing to have it actually happen :] I was really happy for him to be able to surprise his best friend this way.


Here’s a super quick recap of our trip:

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Yolk, but there was a 45 minute wait… so Zack and Nick did boy things while I did girl things, like smile pretty at the camera…

And we walked all around the city…

Stopping to take pictures of texture and different perspectives…

We had a little photo shoot before walking into the Museum of Contemporary Art

Zack was focused on the marshmallow’s on the wall; I was focused on the vintage Tupperware…

{Mom, do you still have your set???}

Saturday night we had dinner at Giordanos and I met Danielle. Sunday was a quick day in the city: we met up for lunch and then said our goodbyes {sad!}…

While we were busy being tourists, we stopped inside this amazing shop called Polk, which is so amazing it deserves its own post.

So come back to see it?
I promise you’ll love what you see :]

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  1. 12


    You two are just the cutest couple, love the Mr.’s smile…how can you ever be mad at him? I’ve been to Chicago once, but I didn’t have time to enjoy it (we were moving grandparents to Missouri) I would love to go back, especailly now! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely day Maggie!

  2. 14


    love chicago! and how fun you visited the nbc building, i didn’t get to do that last time i visited, next time i guess!


  3. 18


    LOL – My Mom has that tupperware! It’s what I grew up using. I love that the colors are coming around in style again :-) Hope you enjoyed your trip

  4. 19


    Lovely lovely photos!
    You and Zack are just a-flippin-dorable!

    I am pretty sure some of that Tupperware resides in my cabinets – My mom had it all and we still use it – seriously the best stuff ever – especially in avocado green! ;)

    And now back to our regularly scheduled program – <3

  5. 21


    looks like fun!
    I have been brainstorming ways to tell my MIL she needs to upgrade her flour/sugar/whatnot containers so she can pass on her vintage tupperware to me! hahah


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