{a list of Time.}

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With some extra time, I would…
  • Take a moment to walk around our neighborhood
  • Say an extra prayer of thankfulness for all my blessings & life lessons
  • Sew something fun for myself
  • Paint my fingernails hot pink
  • Have lunch with an old friend
  • Skip an extra lap around our house
  • Read a book, Page 1 through Page The End, in one sitting

What would you do?

PS. This day, five months ago, I worked my very last day as an employee for someone else. Can you believe it?! I love this Gussy girl job! :]

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  1. 1


    i always need more time in a day!! i could create more items for my shop, blog more, visit more blogs, and have time for work and my friends!! right now i do it all… but i seriously forgo working out and sleep and that’s prob not too healthy!!

  2. 4


    Wow! I can’t believe it’s been five months.

    Yes, I love having the time to get lost in a good book. I’m bringing my Kindle with me this weekend. Hopefully, I can get some reading in. Fingers crossed.

  3. 5


    I always wish for more thime in the day! Right now I would love to finish my christmas quilt and pillows! OH, and like you, I WISH I had time to read a book!! It has been very long time!

  4. 6


    More time?? HA! If I did have more time, I for sure would lock myself in my craft room and finally finish up some of my projects that have just been sitting there looking sad just waiting for me!

  5. 7

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    Happy monthervarsary :-) I’m very much hoping (and looking forward to) being able to leave my current job in pursuit of my dream to run my handmade business out of my home someday. :-)

  6. 9


    You would think that being a SAHM I would have tons of free time, but my little one keeps me busy! Love you list, some of those would be on my list as well! Congrats on 5 months being a FREE lady!!!

  7. 11


    Hello. :) I found your blog from a few different people and love it! Ever since having my first son 4 months ago, I long to sit down and read like the “old” days. But I can barely get through a page these days! Oh well….he’s worth it.

  8. 12


    With extra time I would work on my blog, my etsy site and facebook page! There isn’t enough time in the day after going to my 8-5 job and constantly writing papers for my MBA… Congrats on your five monthaversary! That’s awesome!

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