{Oh, the stories Gussy’s told}

Yesterday was Labor Day but today is also labor day. Uhhh, whaat?!

With The Creative Connection happening NEXT WEEK, I’m going to be spending the next few days laboring around my sewing room. I thought it would be neat to do a recap of “Gussy stuff” from the past year. Only a few things have happened, and since it excites me to no end to see something written down, I thought this blog topic was most appropriate ;] My stats tell me that many of you are new to my blog and so I welcome you with a big, warm hug.

The short, typed version of my story: In November of 2008 I decided I was going to be BFFs with a sewing machine. I had zero experience when I started sewing… Things were going well, so in March of 2009 I had branded my products Gussy. In February 2010 I went to Blissdom and received a lot of business growth from the conference {high five to the Nester}, and 3 short months later was a self-employed Gussy girl.


Highlight posts from the past year:

* August 2009,

* January 2010,

    Gussy was asked to make laptop bags for the gals of (in)courage for Blissdom — here’s the fun post with the big reveal

* February 2010,

* March 2010,

* April 2010,

    Gussy Biz Series: part 1, 2, 3

* May 2010,

* June 2010,

* August 2010,

    Budgeting your family’s money part 1, 2; Budgeting your business’ money part 1, 2


…and now that I’ve spent the last hour reading through old posts I want to crawl in a hole and sit there for a few days until you all forget how silly I was “back when”. Having a blog is great, but it’s like reading through an old diary. That has been publicized… Hah!

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    Oh we think too much alike. I went back last night and read my old blog [one I no longer write on that is like 4 years old]. I had the same reaction :)
    We have to talk!

  2. 7


    A friend of mine just told me about your blog about a month ago. I was so inspired that I read through most of your posts, I think! Ha! I love that you went for your dreams and you are a huge success. Your products are SO incredible and I just love them all! Best of luck to you in the future. I hope to be successful like you one day :)

  3. 10


    I have been reading for over half an hour, clicking on links and reading about your dreams and your journey. You are an inspiration and a role model, and just plain FUN.

    (I am not done reading, but you do say make time for family appropriately. They are telling me NOW is one of those times.)

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