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Many times throughout the day, I sit myself down in this chair and work, work, work away. Do you SEE all of my yellow sticky notes?!

* Also, please note that cream “thing” on the wall above the awesome green file organizer. That’s our light switch “button” — looooove! All our light switches in this house are like that, except for the one in the dining room. That one is more like a knob that you turn. It makes a loud click sound when you turn it. Looks like I’ll have to snap some pics of this home’s character.

I also sit at this desk and pull inspiration out of my wavy-haired blonde head and do my very best to transfer it to the computer. Or, I sit here and edit Gussy photos. {Or I edit them and then decide they aren’t good enough.} Speaking of “not good enough,” I was recently at a Seth Godin conference and Seth spoke about good enough being good enough.

I love how simple that is, and how it helps us to take confidence in ourselves.

There are many sides to running a business, especially one run from home. I love that my office is still a part of our home, but it’s sort of tucked away in this parlor. This home that we’re renting was built in 1900, and I L O V E that it even has a parlor! L O V E.

I’m still working on getting my space designed exactly how I want it. I’d like a side desk — maybe a coffee table turned side table? — and of course some inspirational items to hang on the wall.

Self-portraits are cool.

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The winner from the August sponsors group giveaway is Michaela. She wrote,

Yay for Michaela! I’ll send you an email with all the info soon! :]


Here’s a tiny preview of what’s coming to the shop…

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  1. 1


    Looks great! My Grandma’s house has switches like that! I used to play with them back in the day (okay last time I was but shhh).

    Oh and I’m super excited to see what’s coming in the future! Fabrics look awesome!

  2. 3


    love your office! your home has sooo much character. my parents live in an old brownstone in boston and have the same light switches. it’s the small things that make a home… well, a home!

  3. 6


    Wow, I ADORE houses with character, and hope to live in one one day. Loved looking at the pictures, and was shocked in a wonderful wonderful way to see that I won the giveaway! Wow, what a great start to my day!

  4. 8


    I love Seth Godin, too. I am so jealous that you got to see him speak! Your workspace is sweet divinity, as well. I am obsessed with looking at others’ workspaces; it never gets old.

  5. 10

    Saira says

    You kinda remind me of Brittani Murphy in that self portrait! Anyhoo, Loving the space you sew in is definately a must! I sometimes sit and just drink my coffee in my sewing room while I ponder what is the next thing I must sew.

  6. 14


    Oh Miss Gussy! You inspire me to create lovely things! :) Love your new home and workspace. My husband and I built a house last summer and I was lucky enough to get a little craft room. I love having a special space that is all mine to create in. Can’t wait to see more pics of your beautiful new home!!

  7. 17


    our house was built just a couple years before yours! that floor is gorgeous! i love how open the house is, seems rather unusual for such an old house. it looks so roomy!!

  8. 18


    Hey Maggie…I tried to leave a comment yesterday and not sure if it went through? Anyhow…just said that I loved your new space as well as the look of your new blog and was wondering who helped you with the redesign? Did you do it yourself or hire a designer? I’ve been following Seth and Leo of Zen Habits and trying to simpify my blog and life. Fondly, Roberta


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