{a pair of sweet surprises}

Friday morning I woke up and thought I was going to sew and work on Gussy until mid-afternoon. But Zack had the day off for the holiday weekend and soon enough swept me away to Red Lobster for a late lunch.

I tried so hard to not leave my sewing machine early… I had made a lovely to-do list and since the holiday weekend/my birthday was almost here I knew once I stopped working it would be a few days before I would start at it again. I wanted to work so badly, but Zack had other plans.

We sat down and ordered drinks and stuffed mushrooms {yummm!}, but Zack wouldn’t order anything else.

Hellooooo, please pick something to order, I kept saying…

Then my mom sat down next to me and a half second later I was looking at my dad’s brown eyes.


Surprise!!! Happy birthday, Maggie!, they said to me :]

From then on we spent the rest of the weekend with my parents. And it was so amazing! My dad had never been to our apartment in Minneapolis. We moved here from Michigan so quickly that he wasn’t able to continue on with us after helping to pack up our house. This was a special treat for me — yeow!


Our weekend was full of adventures as we:

* ate lots of ice-cream {at least 1 serving per day, per person}
* rented bikes and rode around Lake Calhoun
* went swimming
* ate a hot dog lunch in the park
* saw Grown Ups {hilarious, by the way}
* shopped the Mall of America
* ate out for nearly every lunch & dinner
* enjoyed coffee and bakery treats and homemade bread in the morning {thanks, mom!}
* stayed up late which resulted in…
* sleeping in and giving each other sleepy morning hugs
* played cards
* had lots of good chats + laughs
* shared inside jokes + stories
* had an impromptu stop at a “Cowboy” bar
* rode on a train
* dodged the rain
* listened to a local Tigers game play
* visited Zack’s work {and the building next door where I used to work}

They took off for Michigan Monday morning and of course I went back to bed so I could dream of our super amazing, incredibly-surprised-to-see-them weekend of fun!

I’ll share what Zack and I did on my birthday later today :]


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    What a great Birthday surprise Maggie, i am so happy that you had such a wonderful day! Red Lobster…yummy!

  2. 11


    As someone who lives far away from her mom, I almost cried reading this post. This is the most excellent surprise I have heard of in a long time. Zack is something else. You know he was up to some super sneaky planning with your parents! What a great guy. The bike picture is too cute. It looks like you all had a great time and I’m sure your dad was so happy to see where you were living now. I just love this post and this story. Happy, happy belated birthday, Gussy. I wish you only the best in your 25th year = )

    • 12


      ahhh, it WAS the best! :]

      thanks for the birthday wishes, Meg! can you believe we’ve known each other for over a year???!!!!

  3. 14

    Naomi says

    What a wonderful birthday surprise! My mom lives just up the street, I would have a hard time being away from her. Has it been any easier, or are you so busy making beautiful items you don’t get a chance to think about it?

    • 15


      we’re mainly focusing on Minneapolis as a season in our lives, not trying to guess where we’ll be living next or anything like that. trying to see this as an adventure, that life is to be enjoyed so we should focus on being happy.

      it is really hard, especially for holidays because it’s just me and Zack… but it’s hard not to think of where Gussy wouldn’t be if we weren’t out here… and I think our family knows/supports that.

  4. 20

    Pamela says

    Good life. I think that weekend, that surprise, are the definition of living the “Good Life”.

  5. 21


    Yay! That’s so awesome, Gus! I got to spend the weekend with my parents from Michigan, too, but I’ve known they were coming for a long time! it was their first visit- & I’ve been here for just over 4 years! how fun! i love surprises!

  6. 23


    that sounds like an amazing weekend maggie!!! so happy for you that you got to spend lots of qt with your parents… i’m sure you had been longing for that!

  7. 25


    Oh what a wonderful surprise!! I love that you’re close to your family and love them so much. I am the same way :) Glad to hear of such a fantastic weekend!

  8. 28


    aw, so you really had no clue that your parents were coming? how awesome is that! glad that it was a wonderful weekend and that you had a beautiful birthday.

  9. 29

    Mama Gus says

    I think for the first time in our lives I actually SAW Gussy “speechless”…. She looked like she was going into SHOCK when she looked at me; I could see her mind “whirling and twirling” with thoughts of “is this a dream? or am I having a stoke???” PRICELESS!

    Zack……you are THE BEST! Thank you so much for keeping a secret and planning our arrival at Red Lobster (yummy)!


    Mama Gus

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