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I’m not quite sure what is going on, but I need to vent. About Zack. And how outrageous he is :)

Sunday night he wanted to shave his head. Fine. Then he decided he wanted to have a little mohawk, from his forehead to the nap of his neck. Fine, again.

Then yesterday on the bus we were sitting together and next thing I know his hand is up in my armpit {don’t worry I was wearing a coat}.

What the helllllllo?!

I was like, What are you doing? Stop, now.

Yes, I said it just like that.

{It’s OK, you can laugh…}

Then he started balling/squashing my fabric knots on my messenger bag.

Again, Stop, now.

Last night he was eating popcorn with his mouth wide open. For those of you that know Zack IRL {in real life} you know he has a… large mouth. Handsome, but large :)

I LOVE YOU, ZACK!!! <3 Anyways. I’m not sure if all the time we spend together is finally catching up with me or what…? Or if God is trying to be like 20% funny {because I think He’s being more like 70% funny…} Some times men are weird. Like, why does he have to PLOP down on the bed? Why can’t he swiftly set himself on the bed? But then again, why does he empty the dishwasher for me after a night of coffee with a friend? Why does he call me Miniature Princess? Why does he love me the right way?

Because that’s just Zack :)

I guess as long as he stays away from my armpits we’ll be OK

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching… what kind of Love Stories do you have to share?


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