{I love God’s humor.}

I’m having a million dollar fantastic day. I’ve been reading through the comments being left on this post about how to be better at our businesses and blogs. They are great. I’m getting some really great ideas for my follow-up post.

Aside from reading through the comments, Zack and I have had some really amazing chats so far this weekend. I have realized a few super important facts with Gussy. All great things. They are encouraging, helpful and stress-relieving.

Just as God has always shown me his sense of humor {like by taking away from need to plan by forcing all plans to come together on the very last day, hence showing us we need to move to Minneapolis in one weekend}, He showed me it again today.

I’ve been a little stressed about all the sewing that I needed to do this weekend.


He laughed at that.

I only have 10 Gussy tags left, so I could only sew 10 Gussy items. Not 30. Ten.

{More are in the mail, fyi.}

Not seeing the big picture, I didn’t realize how amazing this would be for me.

I see the big picture now.

Seriously… thank you LORD for taking care of me.

See? I’m having a million dollar fantastic day.

I’ve been organizing Gussy, sewing a little, doing some photography, enjoying some coffee, enjoying my pajamas! :)

And in a few hours Hubby is taking me on a date.


I hope you are having a million dollar fantastic day, too!

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