{sewing withdrawls.}

oh. my. gush.

it is nearly day 2,857 of no sewing and i’m going crazy.
like, no-sew crazy.

just ask Zack.

OK, fine. it’s actually day 16.

for most of our drive out to Minneapolis i dreamt of new products…

i hope to sew them up really soon :)

i have updated the ship date on all upcoming orders. i’m estimating that by september 7th i’ll have everything organized {like whoa} and i can sew + ship then. at first i estimated september 15th, but that date is long a part of the past.

or whatever the saying is.

september 7th.

that’s the big day.

roughly 10 days to go.



we are packing our house today.


both neighbors on either side of us are moving, too.

big day for our street!

thank GOODNESS we have great families who are so eager and willing to help :)

Sunday morning we ship out to Minneapolis.

what plans do YOU have this weekend?


if i may, i’d like to get a head count of all those interested in the travel diaper + wipe cases i made a few years, i mean weeks, back. several of you mentioned you’d like to place an order back when i made the reveal.

i’m wondering if you’re still interested?

if you’d like one, will you please leave me a comment saying YES!

{i’m already planning my first day of sewing in Minneapolis.}



i mean, i love to plan. so please, help me plan?

ok, thanks :)

PS. all cases come with a pack of travel wipes; sorry, the wad of fabric to show diaper depth-ness isn’t included. many apologies in advance.


accessory cases.

love them?
hate them?

what are your thoughts?


need a unique gift? check out the sale section of my Etsy shop for some super discounts.

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